Tuesday, January 19, 2016

ReCap: Art Show & Tell, 1/17

Last Sunday we hosted our first Art Show & Tell event at Westfield's Town Hall. We had a great member turnout to see 3 member artists show & tell why they have selected a specific medium with which to create their art. With a group of artists as diverse as the WAA has, this is a great opportunity to get an insider viewpoint on how and why our peers create art.

a great crowd for a snowy Sunday afternoon of art

Our first presentation was on fine art photography, and featured a slide show and discussion with Michael Endy, in which he shared the milestones in his art education and museum visits that lead him to become a photographer.

To see more of Michael's work: http://michaelendyphotography.com/

Michael Endy talks about fine art photography

Presenters also brought samples to share during their presentations. In the photo below, Michael shares samples of different photographic printing techniques and papers. His samples also included many different formats  - beyond the classic frame - in which photographs can be displayed.

presenters shared many samples to enhance their presentations

Our second presentation featured member Judith Sandala, who spoke to us about her cast paper sculptures made from her own handmade papers and the wonderful processes that this art form entails. She showed not only finished samples, but also the many steps necessary to create her exquisite art.

To see more of Judith's work: http://jsandalasculpture.com/

Judith Sandala presents on cast paper sculpture

And we ended the day with a presentation by Maryann Iannitto, who described the fascinating process of reverse glass painting. Some may know this as "tinsel painting," as tinsel and foils have traditionally been used to enhance the translucent areas of paint. Never heard of this technique? Well, you have certainly seen it many times: take a closer look at the face of that grandfather clock!

Maryann Iannitto presents on reverse glass painting

It's safe to say that if you did not join us on Sunday, you missed another fun and educational art event. Not to mention some great snacks! Keep your eyes right here on this site for the upcoming announcement of next month's fun & exciting art education presentation.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Program: Art Show & Tell

We look forward to seeing all of our members at our upcoming monthly event. Each 3rd Sunday we plan a presentation, workshop or other art event to which all members are invited. This month's event will be ART SHOW & TELL, and will be presented from 1 to 4pm in the Community Room of Westfield Town Hall, located at 425 W. Broad Street.

click to enlarge

The concept behind this event is to show how different artists are drawn to different mediums, yet the drive to create is common to all. We will hear from 3 practicing member artists, each using a different medium:

               • Judith Sandala: handmade paper sculpture

               • Michael Endy: fine art photography & printing

               • Maryanne Iannitto: reverse glass painting

This event will be free to all WAA members. The event is open to the public, and we certainly encourage you to bring a friend; we do ask for a $10 contribution from non-members.

This promises to be an exciting, informative event. We hope to see you there!